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Our origin

Since our inception in 2014, Secret Agents has become one of the top 3 renowned and respected ethical high class escort agencies in the Netherlands and Belgium. We owe our status to our stylish, highly educated Dutch part-time high class escort models. Our Secret Agents hail from various Dutch and Belgian regions such as Amsterdam, The Hague, 't Gooi, Haarlem, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem, Eindhoven, Limburg.

Our management

Secret Agents is the brainchild of Nancy and Les; a fresh and enterprising couple with professional backgrounds in the legal, tech and event sector, who have composed their formula from both a male and female perspective, with a warm, personal approach and utmost dedication. This translates into the enthusiasm and dedication with which our high class escorts approach their work and into our impeccable reputation that results from that.

Our high class escorts

In addition to their regular daily grinds, the beauties in our portfolio - one still a student, the other a busy career woman - crawl into the skin of their secret alter ego in their spare time, to whom very different (and especially less) rules apply than in their otherwise ordinary daily lives. Draped in dazzling, luxurious designer lingerie, they slip into one of their haute couture garments from their secret escort wardrobe after their relaxing yet tantalising bathroom ritual. Thanks to our civilised, professional drivers, they proceed to discreetly visit to our valued clients, before immersing themselves in warm, cozy, seductive, romantic, playful and erotic experiences together.

The difference

The characteristic of a Secret Agent is that she primarily leads a neat, decent life. If you were to observe her in her daily routines, a side gig as a high class escort companion would be the last thing you would expect. Not because she doesn't have what it takes, but because she simply doesn't appear to be "the type". However: appearances can be deceiving, and that's a good thing. Furthermore, our high class escorts have too much to lose in terms of their career and / or privacy if their naughty side job would ever be to become exposed. On the other hand, that's exactly the kick they get out of it: a thrilling, luscious and perhaps a bit controversial double life in the best sense of the word. That's why their adventures with you will stay between us forever.

Forever top secret, just like an undercover agent.

And hence our name: "Secret Agents"





We feel it's of key importance to familiarise ourselves with each other and accurately assess your preferences and desires. The more you feel comfortable sharing with us, the more you enable us to meet and preferably even exceed your expectations.



We maintain quite a close relationship to our courtesans and therefore we know them quite well. Thus, even if you already have your eye on one or more escort(s) in particular, we'll still gladly advise you on whether we agree on her / them indeed having the highest potential to match with your personality and preferences. Ultimately, you'll always be making the final decision yourself on whom you're going to meet, but we can only guarantee an ultimate experience if you actually do follow our advice.



We understand that, to some clients, anonymity is a prerequisite for getting involved with a high class escort service. With that being said, it's just as important to us that we can ensure our high class escorts that your intentions are sincere. Therefore, we always do our due diligence and carry out background checks against various databases and blacklists. Furthermore, we may ask for a deposit of 40% of the base rate for your first booking. In case you're unable or unwilling to make such a deposit, we're happy to discuss alternative methods to verify your integrity and welcome you as our client.



It's about to happen! Perhaps you don't realise it, but your high class escort will already begin to prepare herself hours before your date is about to commence. Starting with her very own bathroom ritual, selecting her lingerie and garment, doing her hair and make-up and packing her bag or suitcase... To her, the suspense of meeting you feels just as intense as it does to you. Make sure you welcome her warmly with a smile and a drink, and the rest will come naturally...



Stunned by your service and passion
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Just a short message to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Nancy, Les and their team of high class escorts at Secret Agents. Not only did I feel welcome, appreciated and taken seriously when I first contacted them, but they also made sure that all the details were carefully taken care of and were clearly passionate about meeting my expectations. But I have to say that my expectations were not met, they were exceeded. I had forgotten for a moment that I was dealing with an escort agency, because it felt like any other good professional service provider who has an excellent customer service manager. I am impressed!
Smooth and luxurious experience
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It is extremely difficult to find high quality services that deliver all the promises they make in terms of service, integrity and passion - let alone when it's the first time you've experienced this experience - finding the right match is certainly overwhelming, but I felt so happy that it took us a couple of hours to find the right match - everything was perfectly matched from start to finish, Nancy and Les took a couple of hours (yes, you read that correctly) to make sure that my first experience would be no less than stellar, from interpreting my personality and desires, to matching my first experience, and then I could not help myself from interpreting my personality and desires, to matching them with my own...the match.
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My first experience with Secret Agents was very good. Great evening with Diana in a beautiful location in the South. Cute, spontaneous, communicatively skillful and above all beautiful woman. For repetition fixed! Good service I have experienced from Secret Agents. Thanks! I'll be right back.
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I am a regular client and have never been disappointed. Nancy & Les run a well-organised, professional outfit and communicate on time when needed. Discretion above all. The favourites for me are Eline & Eva, individually or as a trio.
After a pleasant first contact with...Emma
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After a pleasant first contact with secret agents I found the right match in Emma and then booked the 'meeting'. Emma's description and photos portrayed a very accurate impression. Emma is a sweet and soft young lady with whom you can carry a enjoyable conversation and notice that she's very much being herself. All in all we had a very nice evening in which time just flew by. Emma was the perfect night out. Secret Agents thank you once again!
Excellent and discrete service, great matchmaking
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What a fun date I had with Aveline last night. Beautiful lady. Her warm personality really appealed to me. It felt very nice to have her visit. Exactly what I was looking for. Nancy and Les, thank you for this great match! Aveline, thanks again for the nice date. As soon as the opportunity arises I would love to invite you again 🙂
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Together, Nancy and Les possess the quality to invest care and attention into both their client and their escorts on a very high level. And from my own experience, i must say they do it with great success. All the ladies I have been with so far may be together. In a word fantastic, the same applies to the service and contacts to get to a date. Fantastic.
Exceptional service
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I've been a regular client for a few years now and it's about time to thank Nancy and Les for everything they've arranged to make a successful date, even if things go wrong and you know how to arrange everything in such a way that it's going to be all right, my sincere appreciation and gratitude for your attention, care and good service (and sometimes patience) over the past few years. All the ladies I've had the opportunity to meet: Thank you for creating a wonderful, unforgettable memory, you've been, and still are, fantastic, Nancy, Les and the team of high class escorts Secret Agents, thank you very much.
Date with Sophie
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A weekend date to Paris. It was a fantastic date from start to finish. A very nice lady, with a large area of interest. Nice to be with. In terms of intimacy a super experience. That's certainly important, but (for me) at least as important is the rest of the date and in both areas Sophie is of great class. So for Sophie really 5 stars. Also for Les a big 10, despite some unexpected circumstances, he managed to get an excellent date. Thank you Les!
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I just sent an extensive letter to Lois in an attempt to put into words how I experienced it. It's up to her whether to share it with you but by all means ask. The short summary: Lois is breathtaking. So beautiful inside and out, so real and genuine, and I felt in warm trusting hands the entire time. She is truly a wonderful woman and I am deeply impressed with our encounter. Thank you so much for the part you played in it. I am looking forward to our next meeting.
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It was great again. It's special that a second meeting can already be familiar, but this date was. We discussed all sorts of things, exchanged opinions, learned from each other, laughed, ate, drank, listened to music and enjoyed each other's physical proximity and intimacy. Lois is a quirky, powerful, and special person, and I greatly enjoy spending a few hours with her every now and then.

Discreet & honest



We enable our exquisite high class escorts from the Amsterdam, The Hague, Haarlem, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem and Eindhoven areas to easily, flexibly and safely travel throughout the Benelux, thanks to our Secret Transporters: professional, licensed and discreet (mostly executive and private) drivers from within our own trusted network.

As a result, your escort won't have to worry too much about limiting factors such a certain maximum number of drinks, or having to reserve some energy for her journey back home, which contributes to your ability to enjoy your moments together to the fullest.

Moreover, some of our high class escorts are available to travel internationally for longer appointments, on which you can read more details on their individual profiles.

By limiting their escort activities to a part-time side job as an addition to their regular careers, every appointment remains as exciting an adventure to our high class escorts as it is to you. As a result, they can genuinely enjoy their alter ego as a Secret Agent, which you, our client, get to benefit from like no other…


Breathtaking, irresistible and sincere courtesans



Late 20s
171cm / 5'7


from the Hilversum area

Early 40s
183cm / 6ft


from the Rotterdam area

Beginning 30
175cm / 5'9



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